The $25,000 Summer Splash Series came to an exciting close in the championship on 9/25/22! We thank everyone who participated and made this series so competitive and exciting. The first place winner, Sam1Chips, took home a $10,000 payout! Stay tuned for updates on our next series coming your way. Huge congratulations to all of the following players who made it to the championship. These are the complete order of standings:


Rank User Screen Name
1 Sam1Chips
2 Tincup83
3 Enzo5
4 aslpoweraa
5 sklpaybils
6 kingfissh
7 magnum1763
8 SoupDad99
9 Ergo017
10 Beanhoo
11 8sontheflop
12 garyz
13 aparicio11
14 allinbluffin
15 imguilty
16 mooney19
17 Pokerbud22
19 D3V10U51
20 Tico66
21 axtell59
22 GotGas
23 Mauimaniac
24 denrex
25 grandpa5
26 -Merlin-
27 Senior
28 -2-CATS-
29 daddang
30 CAN
31 BillyJackAO
32 illsharke
33 bodeen64
34 Jobob
35 luck3lynn
36 Phaylay
37 palacemalice
38 FullPower
39 Bogy8
40 bunk63
41 Stans04BoSox
43 TripleD69
44 cgmat4
45 PeterC

We would also like to add that 5 of these players, including 2 in the top 10, are not VIP members. While we love our VIPs, we encourage everyone to take advantage of our games and the free to play platform!

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