In an earlier article, we talked about how micro stakes poker is a great place for people who are new at poker to pick up pointers to refine their strategy in the online game. There are a lot of players who you will find easy to beat that level because they have spent no time looking to refine their online micro stakes strategy.

It might seem unlikely, or even difficult, to lose as many games as these players do without learning something in the process. So if you are wondering how they can keep losing, we have put together a list of five reasons why.

They come in without a plan

Developing online micro stakes strategy for poker means pulling together an idea for how to proceed in the game. Some people think that it is not necessary because each hand costs so little. So they hop online and just slide in at any particular stakes that meet their fancy, and they play without any sense of direction.

In some cases, these players even bounce across different types of games, moving from cash play to online tournaments from one day to the next. If you really want poker success, stick to one type of game and develop a plan for your process and rationale for increasing the limits. Begin at the lowest stakes, and set monetary targets for moving to higher stakes. 

They lack the bankroll

Online micro stakes strategy also involves having enough to invest to avoid bottoming out. You might hear the story of someone who turned $25 into $100,000 or even more. These are extremely rare. It is important to have enough tokens to repeatedly play in the games of your choice. Poker has cycles of bad luck (also known as variance) that will push you low.

They gamble too often

This is not the same as playing too often. Instead, these are the people who have too many hands going on at the same time or who try to win each pot. That is not how online micro stakes strategy should work. You have to have the patience and discipline to have a tight game pre-flop and then be prepared to fold when you need to after the flop. Simple strategies pull in more winnings.

They are impatient

Again, it is key to know when to fold. If people at this level are making big bets or big raises, they have strong hands. They do not have the sophistication to make complex bluffs. That means that it is important to keep the game simple.

They let their emotions drive their play

Poker is a game of chance, ultimately. That means that even when you have planned your strategy out, you can have a bad run. When your luck is given control of your emotions, you will make bad decisions – and you will lose money.

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