Hello NLOP Players! Here is an outline of some creative things that you as players can do for fun, some of which can also earn you tokens!


Stream on Twitch or go live on YouTube. Pre-recorded videos posted on YouTube count, too. Once a player is already in a game and streaming is set up, it takes little extra effort or time. Why not earn tokens for it? A player can stream themself in any game,but  preferably a larger cash game. A player can also stream themselves talking about their experiences with NLOP and winning tournaments.  If you stream, be sure to save the video when you finish and message it to us, along with a link. Once we verify the stream and its contents, you will be rewarded!


Simple posts are an easy way to share. Places to post include Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.  Posts can be anything from you playing, your winnings, or a game you are in.  Just make sure to tag us. All socials have been linked above, click and make sure you are following. We do random giveaways on Instagram, and token bonuses happen weekly on Facebook. Players who contribute to posts often get rewarded.


If you read the weekly poker tips blogs, you may agree or disagree with some strategies. Here is a chance to write your own!  Players who submit blogs for National League of Poker can become guest writers, with full credits. Blog topics can include tips or poker strategies, poker in various forms of media, poker movie reviews, reviews of places to play poker and so on.  Feel free to come up with other great poker topics. Players can even write about their own experiences in poker for a guest spotlight. If the blog you write is something great and worth sharing, NLOP will post it. Tokens will be awarded to any player contributing in this way. 


We hope that you take advantage of some of these fun, creative ways to interact with NLOP and get rewarded in the process. Keep playing and pay attention to the updates coming your way.