What are the best poker table brands to have at home? Some people use kitchen tables to play poker. But, they lack an authentic experience you can get from a high-end poker table.

You need space to arrange chips and cup holders to win a tournament. The following are the four best poker table brands to buy this year.

Hillsdale Game Table

Hillsdale built the octagonal three-in-one poker table. Its base is a bumper-pool table, and it has cool tones stains. The oak-wood home table has a 52-inch diameter.

You will have an eight-seating table suitable for a five-card draw game when you reverse its tabletop. Hillsdale Game Table has cup holders in every position containing rubber coasters to keep the glasses in position. You can remove the coasters.

Chip racetracks are along with every cup holder. So, you and other poker enthusiasts will toss the chips to a black faux-leather card-dealing blank surface.

Triton Classic Folding 8 and 10 Player Poker Table

Triton hasn’t been in the poker table sector for long. The Classic Folding 8 and 10 table is exquisite and makes a great impression on a poker night.

Many amazon users claim that it is easy to set up this table. It has a high-end finishing and is resistant to spillages. Besides, you can easily move it in your compound.

The table’s folding design enables you to fold it out or up when storing it. It is appropriate for blackjack and Texas Hold ’em. The octagon shape accommodates 8 and 10 bettors.

Triton Classic Folding 8 and 10 Player Table has a faux leather padded armrest and in-built cup holders that prevent wet glasses from slipping on the felt surface. You can buy interchangeable mats for your table.

LUCKYERMORE 8 Players Folding Poker Table

LUCKYERMORE is an octagonal home poker table that accommodates eight players. You can fold its legs when it is idle or fold the table in half. Thus, it can fit in a compact car, closet, or garage.

The poker table has faux leather armrests, and each player’s position has a cup holder. Its green surface contains card-shaped graphics on each position. The table is perfect for Halloween or Christmas parties, boys’ nights, and family gatherings.

Barrington Collection Poker Table With Padded Rails and Cup Holders

You can find this 10-seater home table in two skins; a black felt surface with a brown armrest or a blue felt surface with a black faux leather padded armrest. Also, it suits any décor.

The table has a classic ellipse shape and is appropriate for Texas Hold ’em. Five spots are printed on its surface for the river, and each sitting position has a drink rest.

The playing surface is among the essential things each poker fan should consider when choosing a table. Felt is used in most tables due to its softness and long durability. 

It is coarse and prevents playing cards from sliding. Hillsdale Game Table, Triton Classic Folding 8 and 10 Player Table, LUCKYERMORE 8 Players Folding Table, and Barrington Collection Poker Table are the leading home poker tables in 2021.

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