Some of you may have noticed the arrival of coins at National League of Poker. Coins are just one of many exciting new updates coming from NLOP. Let’s discuss the many uses of coins.

The most exciting news for players who like to play on mobile or tablets has arrived. NLOP has launched its mobile app that is available in the AppStore and Google Play! Players who have an existing NLOP account will be able to log in and play all of their favorite cash games on the new mobile platform. Now let’s discuss coins and how they work.


Coins are one of the newest forms of currency for NLOP. There are lots of coin games in the lobby that will be playing 24/7. Coins are not replacing tokens. They are simply a new way for players to enjoy the site, as well as a new way to win tokens. Token games will have coin buy-ins. All qualifiers for the cash games will be coin buy-ins as well, so we hope you have been taking advantage of the coin freerolls! 

What Else is New?!

To keep things interesting, some of the daily cash tournaments will be changing. A daily $500 TURBO High Roller has been added to the lineup! Turbo games are a fan favorite, and a new spin on the classic high rollers. We know these are a lot of updates, and there will be more to come as NLOP grows. Thank you all for playing with us, and stay tuned for more freerolls and exciting events coming soon!

See you at the tables!


-coins are a new way for players to get tokens to enter into cash games with

-all qualifiers will be switched to coin games

Here is a code to use for some free tokens on NLOP! Just enter: BGL27