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Frequently Asked Questions2020-11-19T17:34:36-04:00
Do you have a mobile app?2020-11-19T17:30:34-04:00

While we are currently working on our native mobile app for iPhone and Android, our web app is mobile-friendly and accessible from any mobile device at

How do I cash out if I win?2020-11-19T17:28:48-04:00

We use PayPal as our provider. Simply linking your PayPal account allows you to quickly transfer funds after winning more than $1.25 (the minimum amount for withdrawal).

Can I legally play in any state in the United States?2020-11-19T17:26:08-04:00

Yes! We are fully legal in all states.

How does NLOP offer cash prizes if it’s free?2020-11-19T17:24:42-04:00

NLOP is works on an advertising model. We get paid for running ads and in return we take a portion of the ad revenue and put it in the prize pool.

Can I really play and win for free?2020-11-19T17:22:53-04:00

Yes! We do not allow players to deposit any funds. However, you can upgrade to VIP to receive additional perks.

How do I get tokens to play in games?2020-11-19T17:20:45-04:00

Tokens are our form of in-game currency, and can be acquired in several ways.

  1. Tokens can be won by playing in token games.
  2. Players can also upgrade to VIP and receive extra tokens.
  3. Follow our social media channels for token promo codes.
  4. Play in step tournaments to win additional tokens.
  5. Play in Ring Games to win tokens by playing against other players.

If you have additional questions or comments, you can submit a ticket on our support page at