A “gutshot” is another term for “inside straight draw,” one of the types of draws that online poker players catch. An example of this would be a draw of the nine of hearts and the eight of clubs with a flop that has the Jack of diamonds, the seven of clubs and the three of diamonds. 

With a gutshot coming on the flop, your odds of getting a straight on the turn is 8.5 percent, and your odds of getting a straight on the river are 16.5 percent. Here are some tips to help you make some money out of a gutshot situation.

When your cards are both under the flop’s middle card, it is time to check.

Example: 8 of hearts and 7 of clubs on King of hearts, Jack of diamonds and ten of clubs

This is one of the weakest types of gutshots. Just like with all gutshots, you are not likely to get the card that you need, but the card that comes could lead to a higher straight for your opponent, which could cost you your bankroll when playing poker for real cash.

If you have an additional draw along with the weak gutshot, though, you might have what you need to put up a semi-bluff. A flush draw is the best outcome, but a backdoor flush draw could be enough.

If you have a backdoor flush draw, this means that you will get a strong combination draw or even better about a quarter of the time at the turn. Your odds of a flush draw are 18 percent, and then you can keep bluffing, and you have about 8 percent odds of a straight. Those are better odds than what you have with a weak gutshot without a shot at a flush.

After you bet on the flop, you don’t have to bet on the turn.

When you bet on the flop, you still have the option to stop betting on the turn. If you check with some of the weaker gutshot bluffs, you won’t have to overbluff, and you’ll be less predictable to the other players at the poker table

If you check, you may find your straight comes on the river, and at that point, your opponent is not likely to expect it. You’ve basically pulled off a hidden straight, so your opponent might put down money in a fit of overconfidence. Even if you haven’t, you could bluff and take the pot on the river anyway.

Use a passive approach with multiway pots when you are out of position.

When you’re in a multiway pot, all of your holdings are worth less. When you have a gutshot, the basic approach here is to check and then give up if you don’t get what you want. If you have a backdoor flush draw, your gutshot draws to the nuts, there are only three players in the hand, or your gutshot has at least one overcards to the board. Your gutshot gets value when you can get your opponent to fold, which is less likely with a multiway pot.


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