Online poker growth has continued over the years. Poker has been part of our society and culture throughout the generations. It was no surprise that being able to play the game online without even having to leave your house was so wildly popular.


Online poker started when the Trade and Processing Act in Antigua and Barbuda in 1994 made it legal for online casinos to exist. Within a year, over 200 hundred online casinos popped up, making gambling available online for the first time in history. This marked the beginning of the online poker craze, and it has been growing exponentially since its conception.                  


From rags

It was not until another decade before online poker started to hit its stride. 2003 was the beginning of what most people would call the start of the poker boom. The game gained an extraordinary amount of fans with high-speed internet. It was becoming more available to the average citizen.


The boom in popularity is also credited to high-stakes poker tournaments being frequently broadcasted on television, and movies such as The Rounders. What seemed like a perfect storm sent online poker into every house in America.


To riches

To date, some online Casinos have grown into a billion-dollar business being publicly traded on Wall Street. There are a few Fortune 500 companies, with online poker games such as Texas Hold’em and Omaha being the Catalyst for these companies. Companies also started offering knockout tournaments where bounties are placed on players’ heads. 


Online poker seemed like it was starting to fade out from the public eye. Many states outlawing gambling online have hurt the online poker industry in the last few years.


Into the future

Just as the poker boom had seen to level out and slow down, the cell phone age gave online poker another boost. Players could now play games through online gaming platform applications, allowing them to play anytime they chose on their cellular phones.


One other thing that brought the popularity back to online poker in the past few years was introducing private rooms where players could play with their family and friends instead of playing with strangers. 


Over the last 25 years, online poker growth has changed from offshore online casinos to The Fortune 500 billion dollar businesses traded on Wall Street every day. Online poker ran Supreme for years unchallenged. The birth of new technologies is allowing poker to continue to adapt and grow. If poker wants to stay relevant to the generations to come, it will have to learn how to adapt and reach newer generations. For now, online poker is here to stay. 

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