Ever wondered what it’s like to play poker around the world? Millions of people globally play poker for fun and as a source of income, and its popularity has increased in the past decade.

Today, some websites have different online poker varieties that you can play at home. In this post, we discuss poker in nine different countries.

1. Indonesia

Indonesia has one of the highest numbers of poker fans in Asia. But, there are few professional players.

Statistics show that poker enthusiasts make about 200,000 poker searches per month. The number rose to more than 300,000 in October 2020.

Players often search for “online poker.” The Asian nation lacks legal casinos, and this forces gamers to play poker online. It has more than 4,000 online poker websites.

2. United States

You can play poker in any American state. The country has an average of 246,000 poker searches per month and 460 casinos, most of which are located in Las Vegas. Over 100,000 players search for “online poker” online.

3. Malaysia

Poker started being popular in Malaysia in 2016. The country has almost equal populations of non-Muslims and Muslims. The Muslim community doesn’t support playing games as they consider it a sin, while non-Muslims can play any casino game.

The country records about 91,000 poker searches a month. It is a large number since half of the country’s population are non-Muslims.

Malaysia has one legal casino in the Genting Highlands. Yet, it lacks live poker tables. The casino provides in-house poker. Moreover, you can play on other legal online sites.

4. France

France has produced many professional poker players in the past. It has about 75,000 poker searches per month. Players often enter “Poker” on Google.

The country has 160 licensed casinos. Even so, you can play poker at various online sites.

5. Brazil

Brazil has the highest number of poker die-hards in South America. It has about 135,000 poker searches per month, and poker is popular alongside football. Over 60 percent of its population are regular poker players.

Surprisingly, most players play poker online rather than visiting casinos. The country banned online gambling, but it earns $4 billion annually from it.

6. Italy

Italy legalized casinos and online games. But, it has relatively high winning taxes.

The country has 36 licensed casinos, and most of them have live poker tables. It records about 75,000 poker searches a month on average.

7. Canada

Canada allows gamblers to play poker in casinos and online. It has many professional players.

Recent Google statistics state that the country has 41,000 poker searches per month, by the actual figure might be over 85,000 searches. The country has 219 casinos, and many players won big on online poker.

8. The United Kingdom

Poker’s popularity in the UK has increased in recent years. There are about 70,000 poker searches per month.

The country has 158 licensed casinos, and they provide live poker tables. Many players prefer playing poker in casinos rather than online.

9. India

India has 1.38 billion people, and poker has grown to be a popular casino game since 2016. Teen Patti has over 1 million fans, the highest number worldwide.

The country has about 60,500 “Poker” searches per month on average, and this figure is expected to increase soon. It has strict gambling regulations that many operators struggle to follow.

India has 15 licensed casinos, and Goa hosts most of them. Other gambling platforms are in Ships.

Various countries have different online poker rules, therefore you need to understand your country of interest’s regulations before you start playing poker. Also, read international poker laws before you take part in renowned poker tournaments like the World Series of Poker (WSOP), World Poker Tour Championships (WPT), and the World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP). No matter where you travel, it seems you can enjoy poker around the world with online advancements.

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