Ever just sitting around and wish you could play poker? Well, now you can with Mobile Poker on the go! Wherever, whenever your cell phone gets you access to play.


Whether you have 5 minutes or 5 hours, here’s National League of Poker’s

TOP 10 reasons to try mobile poker:


  1. Learn the Basics: If you are new to poker or new to a different poker game, there’s no better way to take the pressure off and learn at your own speed by playing on your own time, without bothering or feeling like you’re bothering someone. Your friends hosting a game this weekend, and you need to spruce up on the rules? No better way than to learn the basics or refresh yourself on when it’s on you to check, bet, raise, or learn what hands beat what.


  1. Get reps: They say it takes doing a task 500,000 times to become an expert on a topic. With mobile poker, you can play 30x more hands than you can do live or with friends. Practice makes perfect, and it’s not always easy to get some people together and play, especially in these times.


  1. Play and connect with friends: Can’t see your friends in person, no problem! You can sit down on your phone, inform your friend what game you are playing, and have them join in for some friendly competition. The more, the merrier. I always find it more fun when I win against someone I know instead of a complete stranger.


  1. Blow off steam: Sometimes, it’s nice just to be able to shut your mind off and play a game. Even thought sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, that is what keeps it interesting, fun and challenging. 


  1. Get through mundane waiting periods: Waiting at your doctor’s office, in line at the bank, scrolling through your phone? Why not try stimulating your brain as you wait. Playing games stimulates the mind and keeps you young. With many varieties of poker, it’s important to stay sharp if you’re a regular player, and mobile poker allows you that opportunity.


  1. Try new strategies: Want to try raising every time you enter a pot? Testing to see how people react to check-raises? Trying to slow play a monster and see if someone will bet into you? Want to bluff on any and every scare card that comes? With mobile poker, you can try as many new strategies as you’d like and do it completely judgment-free.  


  1. Relax Your Mind: Once you get the hang of poker, it can be quite a soothing game to play. Skill rules the day, and sometimes you just know when you are good and when you are not. Practicing and knowing you made a good fold or good call can ease one’s mind. 


  1. Perfect your strategy: You’re an every-week player who goes deep in live or online tournaments, and you’ve played millions of hands? Well, how about taking your strategy to the next level and trying to dominate while on your phone? You see so many more hands per hour playing on mobile, and you can see if your tendencies hold up across other platforms.


  1. A sense of winning: Ever just feel like you need a win? Mobile poker can provide that on your phone, anytime, anywhere. It’s nice to be a Winner.


  1. Enjoyment: Poker is a game that people play for the pure enjoyment of the game. It’s nice to kick back, relax, and enjoy a game of leisure. With mobile poker, no need to set up a table, get the chips out, and deal, it’s all taken care of for you. Sit back and enjoy the simple pleasures of poker.

National League of Poker has it’s own mobile app! Download it here in the Google Play Store. Coming soon to Apple Store!