The term poker bounties refer to putting money on another player’s head, so whoever is responsible for ending said player night eliminating them from the table. Then that person who did the knockout would be rewarded the prize of that bounty.

Therefore making some games a little more exciting and fun: is all for a good reason. They are three types of bounty tournaments being played today in poker.     


The Good Cause

The first type of tournament is usually popular; for charity events. That allows the charity to raise more money. Depending on the charity, some contests will include Celebrities to raise as much awareness as possible for their charity.           


The Money Maker

 The second one is called the Progressive Knockout Tournament, a trendy tournament among all types’ poker players. If you find yourself in these Progressive knockout tournaments, you can end up with a lot of money if you play it smart. These tournaments work like this: say you paid 100 dollars to play. Half that money goes towards the main prize pool for whoever wins the contest. 

The other half goes on to your bounty, so 50 dollars to the winner’s cash prize, and the additional 50 dollars goes to your bounty. As you play and knock out other players, you receive in cash half of the bounty on their head, and the other half goes towards the bounty on your head. Say if you knock out a player who had a bounty of 200 dollars, 100 dollar cash goes into your pocket the other hundred goes toward your bounty on your head. 

Let us say you won the whole thing you placed first. You would get money from three different areas; first, you would get the money from the prize pool, plus all the bounties you collected, and the kicker you get to keep the bounty that was on your head. Not bad, right? Depending on how many people entered, that is a lot of cash at the end of the day.


The Wild One

The third type of bounty tournament is a standard tournament; they appeal to all players at all levels. These standard tournaments are played more for entertaining reasons than poker itself. If you find yourself in one of these Bounty tournaments, you might find yourself changing your strategy while playing. 

You will likely see some crazy bets and many all-in confrontations in the first round because most players are there just for the entertainment factor. These contests work by usually taking 20 percentages of your entry fee and put it towards the bounty on your head, and the rest would go towards the prize pool. For example, you pay 100 dollars to enter this arena. Eighty dollars will go toward the winner’s pool, and the other $20 is put on your head as a bounty.

The bounty tournament is a great way to make little extra cash. Or maybe make some cash for a good cause. There are three types you will see the standard, Progressive knockout, and the charity Bounty tournament; remember, it is all in good fun.

This Thursday, NLOP has its own bounty game going on April Fools Day. One player will have a $50 bounty on their head. It is up to you to knock out every player, get the bounty and the cash!


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