When it comes to online poker tournaments, they have been popular for well over ten years now. Each weekend, players pile in looking to win the most competitive games. In case you have thought about entering online poker tournaments, take a look at five reasons why they have gained such popularity.

Live streaming on Twitch Poker

Twitch Poker features some of the big names in poker playing for mammoth cash prizes, and thousands of people tune in to watch the action in real time. Several of the biggest poker players around the globe have played in front of fans on Twitch. 

Viewers tune in and learn a lot about online poker tournaments and the sport thanks to the entertainment that live streamers post. More and more fans have started joining poker websites and giving the MTT format a try, making online tournaments popular for hobby players as well.

You can turn a small investment into a huge return

Your pros in the cash poker game generally sit atop the hierarchy of online poker tournaments. However, hobby players often join the events because you do not have to invest all that much money, relative to the pile of cash waiting for the winner.

The same thing is true about live tournaments. However, the big online poker websites have events weekly that give players chances to win. These can include free rolls, turbo games, deep stack and high rollers. Varying cash prizes allow for players at all levels to join in.

The rake rates are consistent, or nonexistent 

Traditional online poker tournaments offer rake rates (also known as tournament fees) that have remained consistent for years. This means that no matter what your skill level, you can understand what the tournament fee is and how much of your investment really goes into the pool of prize money.

MTTs generally charge a 10 percent fee for low stakes events, such as a $10 + $1 tournament. As the buy-in size increases, the percentage decreases. This has remained consistent for years. Online poker cash games, in contrast, have seen fees increase significantly in recent years.

National League of Poker does not take any rakes whatsoever. Players buy into games with tokens that they can receive for free. Players can also upgrade to VIP and receive large token packs, which is a huge time saver for larger games.

The chance to move from satellite events into live events

Online poker tournaments give players a chance to make it into showcase live events that they would not be able to afford with their bankrolls. The attention paid to televised poker has motivated some sites to hand out big overlays so that attendance will go up at the marquee live tournaments.

The online format offers more convenience

There are few inventions that have brought as much convenience to popular culture as the Internet, and the online poker tournament scene is no different. Most live events need locals to come and watch. However, it is possible for online tournament players to compete for large prizes without leaving the couch. The tournaments come from sites that take multiple forms of payment, increasing the convenience even further.

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