Have you heard of All In or Fold poker? One of the great things about playing poker is that it seems like there is always a new variant coming out, or a new way to play. The “All In or Fold” variety of poker is one of the more exciting newer options with the game.

How to Play

Basically, once you see your hand, you either put all of your chips in the middle of the table or you fold your hand. Typically, each player has to buy in with four to eight big blinds. Everyone bets the blinds clockwise, and then the action begins. As soon as a minimum of two players (at a four-player table) have gone all in, then you deal the flop, the turn and the river one after the other.

In this variety of poker, players who go all in with at least half of their hands, if not more, is quite common. If you’re a tight player, you will not do well here, because you have to take part in the action and keep an eye on your opponents, particularly if you have the first turn. Rely on your position and push 50 to 60 percent of your all in hands.

All In Or Fold in Live Games

This is the sort of game that creates rakes left and right. Since players always take part, you see a lot of rakes turning up. The variant in the game comes from the high rake, in fact. Even though you will get jackpots on the mass, there is no way to beat the variant. You would need an unbelievable run if you wanted to play the variant and end up with a plus. If you get to a point of breakeven, you will look amazing to the table.

With a game like All In or Fold, experiments will end up costing you a lot of money. Instead, it is important to get as much rakeback as you can each month. It is also essential that you have a sizable bankroll before you get started. In this sort of tournament it is possible to go through 200 or 300 buy-ins when things are not going your way and you do not get the cards to win. It is important to have the right attitude and a relaxed attitude toward managing your money.

Just bear in mind that the sort of exposure that you get with All In or Fold means that you’re playing a coin flip with every hand. So you will need to play for a while to determine whether you can play and win or not. The good side is that, from the beginning, you get an idea of hand equity and can calculate which starting hands you would like to play.

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