Playing in private poker tournaments with friends can be more or less competitive, depending on the friend group. With the National League of Poker, players can host their own private game with their own rules. We recommend being on a group phone call at the same time to increase the fun, or even using video chat to see each other’s poker faces. Once a player is all set up, the possibilities are endless.

Rules for Private Poker Tournaments 

To set up a private tournament, the player must first meet a few requirements. 

  1. They must have a platinum recurring membership. Upgrade to this membership if you have a standard or VIP membership. If you already have a silver or gold membership, cancel it. Then you can resubscribe as a platinum recurring member. If you have any issues doing this, email with screenshots of you downgrading your membership. 
  2. Once you have a platinum recurring membership, your private poker tournament is included! All you have to do is reach out to with an email titled “private tournament creation”. In this email you will want to include:
  • name for the tournament
  • day and time you would like the tournament to be set up
  • a password you would like to use

From there you can invite all your friends. The tournament has no prizes and no buy-ins, and is password protected. You will need to email your friends the link to to register if they have not already. Let them know the private tournament name, which will be under the “private” tab. Give them the password and you are ready to go!

When a player makes a private poker tournament, they can choose to invite people of lesser, equal or more experience to hone their poker skills. This can be a great place to practice with each other, or a place to be even more competitive. 

As always, good luck and see you at the tables!

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