A new and exciting Bonus Seat Showdown has been added to the lineup! If you have been playing with the National League of Poker for a while, you know by now that we love to spice things up and surprise our players. The Bonus Seat Showdown is going to be an intense competition to get one extra seat in the $25,000 Winter Summit Championship game. 

How to Play

The Bonus Seat Showdown began this month, February, and will run into March. Every Tuesday and Thursday, the $500 High Roller games will play as usual. However, the top five winning players from each of these games will receive an invitation. That invite will be to the Bonus Seat Showdown game, which is essentially an invite only extra Step 8, or qualifying round. This bonus game will take place on Friday March 26th. The lucky and skilled winner of this tournament will receive one of the very last invites to the $25,000 Winter Summit Championship tournament which takes place on Sunday March 28th. 


The Winter Summit Championship is not a game you want to miss out on. The winner of the championship will receive a pay out of $10,000! There is a lot of cash to be won in this game for the players who qualify.

Other Ways to Qualify

There are still other chances to qualify for this huge game as well. Step 8s will continue to play every Wednesday and Saturday, with the last one happening on Saturday March 27th. Players can work through all the steps to qualify for these games, or use their tokens to buy in and play. We recommend using every chance you get to qualify for the championship, as the payout is well with the stiff competition. 

Other exciting news this month is that the $5,000 High Roller will be returning! Players loved this huge game last month. Just like last month, players who register 24 hours or more in advance will receive 10% of the buy in credited back into their account. See you at the tables!