Play legal online poker with NLOP! NLOP (National Legal of Poker) is the longest-running social poker site that offers players in the United States the ability to win prizes. Our  unique sweepstakes model offers social poker with the ability to win real prizes.

Sweepstakes are promotions with prizes. They promote additional sales through prize giveaways and have been used in the United States for decades. There are many companies in the Unites States offering sweepstakes with prizes. NLOP is the longest running legal online poker site to offer sweepstakes prizes in the United States, established in 2006.

NLOP (National League of Poker) sells VIP memberships that offer additional member benefits. These benefits include, but not limited to, removing advertising, private and password-protected personal hosted games, avatars, downloadable app access, and virtual currency (tokens and coins). Tokens are our form of in-game currency, and can be acquired in several ways.

  1. Tokens can be won by playing in token games.
  2. Players can also upgrade to VIP and receive extra tokens.
  3. Follow our social media channels for token promo codes.
  4. Play in step tournaments to win additional tokens.
  5. Play in Ring Games to win tokens by playing against other players.

Virtual currencies have no cash value.

Play now with National League of Poker, risk free!