National League of Poker, aka NLOP, has some huge announcements for our players! The prize pool has been steadily growing every month, and now the $25,000 Winter Summit Series is here and ready to play! This is a large prize, and that means the first place winner will be getting an exciting $10,000 check! 


The series is beginning now, this first week of November, and ends in March 2021. Players will work through 8 steps to qualify for the Championship, with step 8 final qualifiers taking place every Wednesday and Saturday. This will allow for more players to make it into the final and to have a great chance at winning the big grand prize.

This series is different in a few ways, besides the huge prize pool. The Winter Summit will feature lower token buy-in for higher steps.  The goal in doing this is to make it easier for players to get into the higher steps. There will also be a higher token payout in the lower steps, allowing for players to work through all the games and earn more tokens along the way. 

More to watch out for

NLOP has been paying attention to the wants and needs of players, and we are so excited to be able to provide a new series of this size to our players. The more people who play, the bigger the prizes have been able to get. While qualifying for the Winter Summit Series Championship, players should also watch out for the other games and the many updates that are on the way. One thousand and two thousand dollar games are happening weekly, along with a bunch of five hundred dollar games.

We are looking forward to rewarding the players who make it to the championship, and all the other players along the way. As always, good luck and see you at the tables!