Do you want your get your friends to play poker and to join you ? Have you noticed the older we get, the harder it is to get the old gang together to hang out anymore? Nowadays, everyone has their own lives, responsibilities, and excuses for not getting together anymore to play some poker.

We can not get a babysitter; my better half will not let me; I have to work early in the morning. Yes, I’m sure you have heard them all and do not need me to recap for you all those lame excuses. Luckily, I have Devised a few sure-fire ways to get the old gang back together to play some poker.   

The Deal

The first thing you will have to do is plan it and try to make it on a day or night everyone can agree on. If you can give them enough time to sort out the details, they are less likely to bail on you. And this way, you can make sure you keep reminding them that you already have it set up and ready to go.

For example, let them know that you have already bought all the food, drinks, and other party supplies. Always keep reminding them just how excited you are about the upcoming event—basically putting a pre- guilt trip on them. 

The Flop

Secondly, pay for it all, make sure it is the easiest, most stress-free thing they will have to do all year. Cater out, go to the old go-to spot for grub and get everyone’s favorite items—stock up on booze, fine beers, or soda ( for the non-drinkers ). Preferably what you and your crew used to drink back in the day. The idea behind this is to create nostalgia. When you tell them about it, reference the good ol’ days, make them think back and smile for a while. 

The Turn

Third, depending on how bad you want this to happen and your financial situation, make it a tournament-style play and offer-up prizes. It could be anything, but to drive home, the point sticks to the nostalgia plan. Awards that remind them of the past and all the good times that were once shared. Or just cold hard cash, that always gets my attention. 

The River

This next tip will probably be the most beneficial one I can give you; It might be the only one you will need. Appealing to your buddies’ significant others, yea, you plead your case to them. You never know; they might need a night out themself.

But this will be your most strategic maneuver if you want to get the old gang back together. And if that still does not work, take all the money you would use for the game and fund a nice night on the town for the spouses. Then you will be free to do what you originally wanted to do; play some poker! 


It is done; with those cards to play, you should go all-in and get ready for some poker. Remember to schedule the game with plenty of time in between; create a sense of nostalgia, and set up a play tournament style.

Offering up some cold hard cash or some excellent prizes, and if all else fails, throw down your trump card and bring their significant others. So dust off that table and count out those chips; it is time to play some poker with your friends.

If distance is an issue, get your friends to play poker with you on National League of Poker. VIP members can set up private games, where all members join the password protected tournament. Turn on your cameras and its as good as playing together in person!