This Labor Day, National League of Poker has created an exciting sale with lasting benefits in the Platinum VIP Sale. 

How it works:

  1. Players are offered a discount on Platinum Recurring VIP Memberships of up to 25% off. This sale will begin Friday September 4, 2020 and continue into Labor Day Monday. Players who have an existing Platinum Recurring VIP Membership are already eligible to receive these benefits.
  2. Once a player already has or freshly upgrades to a Platinum Recurring VIP Membership, they are able to set up private tournaments. From there, they can invite their friends to a password protected table and set their own rules. Read more about the steps in setting up a private tournament here.
  3. As part of our Labor Day weekends rewards, any player who creates a private tournament by Monday (September 7, 2020) will receive extra benefits for themselves and their friends. 
  • All new players you invite and play in your first private tournament will get 1,000 bonus tokens each for the first game. 
  • Players from the first game that play in the private tournament the following week (game 2) will receive an additional 1,000 bonus tokens each. 
  • If the game stays going for 4 consecutive weeks, the creator of the tournament will get 3,000 bonus tokens.

Private tournaments are fun because you make the rules. It can be more or less competitive depending on your friend group. This can even be a good place to teach some of your friends how to play poker! Also, it is important not to forget our huge $1,000 FreeRoll on Labor Day (Monday September 7, 2020).  This is great for all the new players who you invite to your private tournaments as well, so let them know to play in the FreeRoll with you if you want some friendly competition for big cash!

Good luck and see you at the tables!